About to Start Our Ultima Adventure

The 17th June 2011 was the start of our first foray into the big wide world of caravanning. We are taking our Volvo prime mover to Queensland to pick up our new 5th wheeler. I dropped off the truck to the TT Line yard where it was promptly backed under a Fresh Freight fridge pan. This was done as I only had to pay for the length of truck not under the trailer.

We left the truck for the “wharfies” to load and proceeded to board through the terminal.

Saturday morning, we disembarked the ship, proceeded to find the truck which had been unhooked from its temporary trailer and found our way out of the terminal, onto the Westgate Freeway, around the Western Ring Road until we found the Hume highway to head north towards Queensland.

  • We stopped for lunch in Shepparton, where we met up with my mother and father, who were travelling in their Winnebago. We also stocked up with tinned fruit at the Ardmona factory outlet, said our goodbyes and headed to Dubbo for our first night. The next night we stayed in Goondiwindi. Just plenty of driving until we  arrived in Birkdale (Brisbane) and spend the night at my sister, Alisons house.

After a night spent catching up with Alison and the rest of her family we had to find our way to the Sunshine Coast and find Queensland RV at Warana.


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