Brunswick Heads and Port Macquarie

Brunswick Heads

Brunswick Heads was just a stopover that created a few dramas as we arrived late and the first two caravan parks we checked out were unsuitable, one had no spots suitable for us and the other said they did and we headed to a spot that was totally unacceptable, trees in the road and narrow laneways and just crammed sites. It was just a caravan park that hadn’t changed as vans got bigger. We finally found the caravan park next to M1 and next to the river. We had passed it by earlier but it was clearly the best, but it was now pitch black dark and we had to set up for the night. Another lesson learned today, don’t leave it too late to find somewhere for the night in case things don’t go to plan.

Port Macquarie

Port Macquarie was our highlight for our first trip. We stayed for 3 nights.


There is always someone with a bigger rig for towing a 5th wheeler. He had the bunk removed and three seats complete with seatbelts added so he could take the kids on holiday.

Port Macquarie 2 35%

500hp Freightliner for Mum Dad and 3 Kids





Wauchope and Timbertown











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