Beechworth Lake Sambell Caravan Park

Leaving Cowra, we made our way to Beechworth. We are now back in Victoria and we will soon be heading home. We checked into th Lake Sambell Caravan Park and it had been raing and it was cold. It would be a fantastic place if the weather had of been warmer.


We went and checked out the town centre and it was full of history. The rain had stopped and while we were rugged up, we didn’t get wet and we had a good look around town.

We were cosy in the van but the next morning was very cold (freezing). Dianne slipped down the steps of the van as the rain had frozen on the steps. The tv antenna would not wind down as it was frozen solid. Throwing hot water in the general direction of the antenna on the roof soon rectified that problem. The water hose was frozen and we had changed to our tanks and while I was packing the hose and electrical cord up, Dianne was inside and proceeeded to wind the slideout in. I was right by the slideout when a large slither of ice speared into the ground beside me. It was over 12mm thick at its thickest and was imbedded about 75mm into the ground. Goodness knows what would of happened if it had of hit me.


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