Heading home from Dunalley, we decided to stay overnight at the Longford Riverside Caravan Park. Its been a while since we stayed here and they have added some more powered sites. It was a chance to catch up with Dianne’s brother and sister who just happened to be staying in same park. It seemed everyone with a caravan from Penguin was in the caravan park.

Longford Caravan Park

Longford Caravan Park

Looking up through the park through the powered sites (above) and the unpowered sites (below). I thought it was much better as we had room to move even though the powered sites were reasonably spacious.

Longford Caravan Park

Longford Caravan Park

We even met up with a fellow 5th wheeler owner who had imported his 5th wheeler from the USA. After chatting for a while we found out he lived near Ulverstone and told him about the Fifth Wheeler Network and that we had a small group in Tassie that got together 4 or 5 times a year.

Rockwood  5th wheeler

Rockwood 5th wheeler



4 thoughts on “Longford

  1. Hi, just been reading your blog, has whetted our appetite for Tasmania, we are booked on the ferry on 1st October and will be there for six months. Have visited previously in 2001, but it was a whirlwind trip, this one will obviously be better.
    Dunmowin (from TheGreynomads.com.au)

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    • It is great that I have encouraged you to see Tassie, most escapes in Tassie for me are only three days and reasonably close to Penguin. I won’t be doing much in van before October in Tassie but I would recommend you check out the east coast in October as it will probably be windy at that time of year. Let us know what type of camping you do do and I’ll help you find a few good spots, ie free camping, low cost, caravan parks.


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