Ardlethan to Gum Bend Lake, Condobolin

Overnight drizzle could be heard on the roof of the van, but there was hardly any sign of it in the morning. Heading towards West Wyalong the road was damp but the sun was shining. We had a quick walk around town and then headed to Condobolin.

Gum Bed Lake

What a little gem in the outback Gumbend Lake is! Showers, toilets, barbeques, tables and ample camping room. Everyone was friendly and it would be a good place to relax for a few days. The word was that the locals do tend to fill it up on the weekend, but you couldn’t blame them as fishing, swimming and skiing would keep many people entertained.

Gum Bend Lake

Gum Bend Lake

Condobolin 6 25%

Gum Bend Lake

Condobolin 9 25%

Gum Bend Lake

After admiring all the scenery and checking out the campground, Gum Bend Lake still had one more suprise for us. A truly magnificent sunset over the millpond waters of the lake.

Gum Bend Lake

Gum Bend Lake


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