Stumbled across Nanango

We headed north heading for Yepoon, hoping to get there in three or four days, we had set our sites on Murgon. We realised things would have to go well to get here in good time. We left Texas, headed towards Inglewood, then to Millmerran and on to Cecil Plains where we had lunch. All three towns had good free camping spots as we checked them all out for future reference.

Cecil Plains Apex Park

Cecil Plains Apex Park

Our GPS wasn’t being helpful. We should have turned left into Dalby when we hit the Warrego Hwy but it sent us right towards Jondaryan which was no real problem. At Jondaryan our turn off towards Murgon was blocked off by alterations (still no big deal), another couple of kilometres down the road we found our turnoff, backtracked a little and then our road wasn’t there, a dead end, Dianne was starting to get excited, we turned around and went in the other direction the GPS then took us up a rough gravel road. Dianne is not happy, we turn around again, thankfully a helpful local pointed us in the right direction. A coal mine and new roads to suit them and the GPS not being up to date created a little dilemma. We travelled less than 5km but we wasted 20-30 minutes. We ended up driving (according to the GPS through paddocks) and we were on our way again.

Next we came to a little town called Evergreen, the GPS wanted to take us right, Wikicamps on the Ipad said go straight ahead (we had the maps up on Wikicamps following it at the time). We were contemplating which way to go at the intersection and a kind lady passing by came to our rescue and said it was shorter to go straight ahead.

It was 4.00pm and Wikicamps pointed out a campsite at Nanango on the edge of town. A great spot, drove in and found a spot away from overhanging trees, a little close to the road but otherwise perfect.



We should turn this dragline bucket upside down and we would have a real man cave.



It is hard to imagine a bucket this size is only a small speck in the photo in the sign about Hannibals Bucket. How big is the dragline itself.

Nanango, Hannibals Bucket

Nanango, Hannibals Bucket

As a side note, there was plenty of sunshine today and while the batterries had been hovering around 12.2 – 12.4v the last two mornings and still under 13v by nightfall, today the batteries were up over 13.2v tonight. They still could have been a little higher but it is good to know that after 2 days of cloud cover the batteries held up very well.

Week 1 travel route update

Follow the link below to see were we have travelled.

Week 2 and 3 rough plans are there as well and should be updated daily (if I don’t get lazy)


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