Back in Tassie

As there is a day sailing back to Melbourne, we are ready to disembark at 5.30am (an hour earlier than usual). It was raining as we sailed up the Mersey River in Devonport. A little drizzle  on the trip home was our welcome back to Tasmania greeting. Penguin is less than a 30 minute  drive and we were in our driveway unloading at 6.00am. The van and ute were both washed and under cover by 10.00am. The final tidy up can now wait until later.

There is more rain today than we encountered in six weeks on the mainland and snow is forecast down to 200m throughout most of Tassie tommorrow. Our house is only 2km from the coast and and we are at 100m elevation, so I think it will be cold.


One thought on “Back in Tassie

  1. Hi Chris, I hope to get time, and internet, so i can read all your trip blog posts in detail soon. I’m sure it feels good to be back home, especially beautiful Penguin and that lovely coast.
    Regards, Bob

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