Devil Wheelers Formation Weekend

I knocked off work and met Dianne in the carpark at  work and we were off to Cressy for the inaugural gathering of the “Devil Wheelers – Tasmania” CMCA’s new chapter. We arrived at 7.00pm and were easily setup before dark. The smoke from the Tasmanian bush fires had cleared for the first time in about three days.

Devil Wheelers 1st Meeting 1 25%.jpg

Great Caricature of Taz

Devil Wheelers 1st Meeting 15 1012 - 1199

Our new mascot

Several vans were already setup, some regular couples from the Fifth Wheelers Network, some new friends, some local, one van from the mainland. Some campers weren’t coming until Saturday morning, some fighting fires and offered apologies. It looked like it was going to be a good weekend. We went over for a have a meet and great to say hello to all the other campers.


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