Australia Day in Cressy

Another walk around Cressy started Australia Day in Cressy. All this exercise is needed as we have been eating well and “Happy Hour” went well into the evening most nights.

Happy Australia Day After a lunch time barbeque, Dianne and I are off home along with some others others, a few troopers are planning to stay another night. This is what those retired people can do, not like us working class, who must get back work.

The weekend was a great success with some people coming for a look, some regular members from the now closed “Fifth Wheelers Network”, some from other chapters of the CMCA. We had several apologies from others that just couldn’t attend on this weekend, but threw their support behind the Devil Wheelers. The CMCA gained a couple of new members, the Devil Wheelers gained the numbers to form a new chapter, Geoff and Cathy Pullen joined us from the mainland and complimented all of us on our hospitality. We all can’t wait to the next get together in February

Devil Wheelers 1st Meeting 29 816 pixels

Gerard Sullivan and Susan Kay’s rig, Don Napier’s rig and Peter and Veronica’s5 th wheeler, some of the 5th wheelers who made for a great weekend


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