Interesting Vehicles and Concepts

On the way home I stopped at the local Bunnings and  parked out front was a dual cab Iveco. While I am not about to upgrade my ute any time soon I am always looking for something that could make for a better tow rig. The below vehicle has a 4.2m wheelbase and a quick run around with a tape measure, it looked like it would allow for a 900mm wide toolbox across the rear of the cab right to the roof line and still allow the hitch point to be mounted over the rear axle.

Iveco 3 816 pixels

This is my preferred replacement rig (at the moment) with a 4.4m wheelbase

I also came across an interesting concept with a water tank built into the front ladder of a flat tray. Some people come up with very interesting and unique ideas when they set up their rigs.

Fuel tank 3 25%

A great spacesaving idea to store water (or fuel)

Fuel tank 2 25%

The filler cap in the top, but can also be filled from the bottom.


2 thoughts on “Interesting Vehicles and Concepts

  1. Hi all, could anyone out there tell me what it costs to ship over our fifth wheeler and Silverado over to Tassie on the ferry. The van is a Crossroads 29 ft. We want to tour Tassie for a period of approx 3mtns..



    • Hi Kevin, it cost me $1640 return for 13m in off peak season. Add about $150 for each extra metre return.Add between $200 – $400 extra for peak season return. That is for an internal cabin twin share. Mid January to early April are probably the the best months and it is worth the extra money to travel in peak periods.


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