We are on the road by 9.00am as a lot of campsites are full by 12.00pm. The road from Campbelltown to Swansea via Lake Leake has a good surface. The first half is mostly up hill, while the next section is mostly down hill with a few slow corners.

We arrive in Triabunna around 11.30am and the first free camp is chock a block. We head across the road behind the pub and there is plenty of spots. Four 5th wheelers and a motorhome all get to park next to each other. Ten minutes later another three vans come in and the camping area is almost full. It is a good thing we were on the road early.

Triabunna 16 25%

The Spring Bay Hotel has opened up the rear of the pub to free campers


Triabunna 3 25%

Tom and Phil checking out how things work under Tom’s van


Triabunna 6 25%

The vans are setup and its time to catch up on all the gossip


Triabunna 14 816 pixels

The spare ground to the left is only free for about ten minutes. Vans roll in very quickly

Triabunna 24 816 pixels

An ideal setting with the pub in the background



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