Orford and Buckland

Four of us went for a short drive to see what was about, we only went 6-7km and Tom needed a cofee fix. Now the rest of us not wanting to be anti social thought we had better join him. Orford has a very picturesque setting, sitting on the edge of the Prosser River and our view from the Gateway Cafe let us soak it all up.

Our next stop was the Tasmanian Bushland Garden  which is near Pulchello Native Gardens just below Buckland. What a fantastic place to stretch the legs and see what a bunch of volunteers can do with a disused quarry.

Pulchella Native Gardens 11 816 Pixels

Get it off me Tom


Pulchella Native Gardens 22 25%

The eagle looks like it is ready for lunch, look out Dianne

Pulchella Native Gardens 14 25%

Time for a spell in a couple of “Council Recliners”

It is a work in progress but it still offers something for everyone, lots of short walks, some very artistic sculptures and lots of native vegetation.

Pulchella Native Gardens 5 816 Pixels

Fantastic sculptures compliment the surroundings

Pulchella Native Gardens 1 816 pixels

Short walks and magic views

On the way back to Triabunna we stop and check out the stained glas windows in the historic Buckland Church.

Buckland Church 2 25%

Buckland Church 1 25%

                                                 Another fantastic Eddie Freeman carving                                                       “John the Baptist”

Ther is a self contained campground behind the Buckland Hotel, which was built around 1835.

Buckland Hotel 1 25%

Ye Olde Buckland Inn, circa 1835

After all this sightseeing, it was time for lunch. “Scorchers by the River Pizza Cafe” was an ideal place as it had wood fired pizzas that were just so tasty.



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