Heading Home from Triabunna

Short trips are over so soon and we must head home so a couple of stops on the way home break up the journey. A quick stop at the spiky bridge highlight the use of what was available to construct a bridge that has stood the test of time. Although it is not in use now, it still looks in good condition.

Spiky Bridge 2 816 pixels

Spiky Bridge

Spiky Bridge 3 25%

Spiky Bridge

Spiky Bridge 4 25%

Spiky Bridge

Four vans stopped for lunch at Campbelltown at the free camp ground behind the Red Bridge. It is so central and halfway to almost everywhere.

Campbelltown from Sandra 816 pixels

A short walk from the free camp to the Campbell Town Hotel and Bistro to sample some of Tassie’s scallops in a scallop pie was  my idea of a great lunch. Anyone who tours Tasmania should be on the lookout for a scallop pie. Many locations have scallop pies, they all have their own recipe, but the main ingredient is always scallops.

Campbelltown 4 25 %

Scallop pies should be on everyones list in Tasmania

Campbelltown 6 25%

Great food, great weather, good friends, wish the rest of them would  hurry up, I’m getting hungry



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