Blog is one year old and 5000 views

My blog has turned one year old and I have learnt a lot in that time over the weekend while we were away at Triabunna and today  the 13th March I have clocked up 5000 views from mainly fellow campers but from countries all over the world. I don’t know how they find it, whether they stumble apon it by mistake or are searching for camping or caravans in Australia, maybe 5th wheelers. I do actively use caravan forums and do share parts on them. This is probably where most traffic comes from.

I have several followers with WordPress blogs themselves that I also follow their blog so I can see how they do things and where they are travelling. Other followers are notified by email when I make a post, although I cannot see who they are as most don’t make a comment

I would like more people to make a comment and tell me whether they like my blog or not.

Lets see where the next twelve months takes us and I can share my travells with you all.


One thought on “Blog is one year old and 5000 views

  1. Congratulations on your 1st anniversary of your blog, Always read and follow it, keep up the good work, Peter & Veronica


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