Great Lake

A quick day trip to check out the historic low dam water levels of the Great Lake.

A dry summer and our state governments decision to sell our Hydro power to the mainland and subsequent failure of the Basslink power cable due to overloading the cable, trying to make a quick buck has thrown our reliable power supply into dissaray. An all time lake water level has cost the state big time and will probably result in higher power costs in the future.

The fresh water fisheries have suffered as well as the boat ramps around the lake stop well short of the water.

Great Lake 2 816 pixels

My ute parked on the end of the boat ramp, a long way from the water

Great Lake 4 25%

A long way from the water, no boats launched here any time soon

Great Lake 6 25%

Todd’s Corner at the Great Lake

Great Lake 7 816 Pixels

Todd’s Corner Power Station

Great Lake 10 816ixels

The original and extended dam walls

Great Lake 11 25%

The ute is sitting about the level of the original dam wall. It is going to be a long time before this area will be under water again


2 thoughts on “Great Lake

  1. Hi Chris & Dianne
    We were down from Brisbane at The Great Lake in February and thought the same thing about how long it will take to fill up before the hydro can take water off again if ever. Had never seen the lake before and was stunned at the size of it so far above sea level. Really enjoyed the drive around the lake down to Bothwell and back up round through Oatlands and across the Red Bridge at Campbell town where you were a few weeks ago. Spent 5 weeks touring your part of the world and hope to get back again some day to see more.


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