Stanley April 15-17

Daylight savings has finished and while I knocked off work at 4.00pm on Friday afternoon, it was dark when we setup for the night in Stanley around 7.30pm.

Saturday morning started with a 5km walk around the foreshore. What more to get the day started, walking along a large stretch of pristine beach and having the Nut in the background.

Diane Gray 1 816 pixels

Off the beach, up through the old world charm of downtown Stanley and it was time for a coffee and a bite to eat, some of us will need to do a bit more walking.

Susan Kay 3 816 pixels

Almost next door was a little museum. We arrived just as it a opening and Peter was asked to raise the flag.

Stanley 19 25%

Back in camp after our look around town, a game of disc bowls filled in the morning.

Stanley 35 25%

After our morning coffee shop indulgance, lunch was not needed and five of us decided to climb the “Nut” and do the 2km loop walk around the top. There are several viewing platforms with various views in different directions around the loop track.The walk around the top is reasonably easy and most people would be capable of doing a lap if they use the chairlift to go up and down. The track to the top is a challenge, but we all made it with a few stops.

Stanley 23 816 pixelsStanley 24 816 pixels

A counter meal at the local pub and back to the camp ground to finish the night off around the campfire to ward off the chill. It is mid April and summer has long gone.

Stanley 37 25%

Sunday morning started with another walk which was complimented by a tour of Hursey’s Seafood live fish tanks. I would hate to guess the value of the crayfish that were in the tanks. It helps when two in the group live in Stanley.

Diane Gray 2 816 pixelsStanley 31 25%

Stanley 34 25%

This crayfish is worth between $200 and $300

Stanley 29 25%

Stripy Trumpeter


Lunch was followed by most of us moving on, either heading home, some of us still work or like our mainland visitors, continuing on their tour of Tasmania.

A great weekend was had by all, it was a little windy on Saturday but the weather was pretty good overall.


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