Myrtle Park May 6-7

The weather had been abysmal all week, I had taken Friday off work. The van was packed ready for an early start Friday morning. An early start was needed to make the most of my time off. 5.00am out of bed, 6.30am on the road, 8.00am and we were at Agfest 2016 just south of Carrick for Tassie’s premiere agricultural field day. While there was a little rain overnight and a little sloppy underfoot at first, the weather was very kind to us, plenty of sunshine and no wind made for a very pleasant day.


I did get to meet “Macca” from Australia All Over  on  ABC radio on Sunday mornings from 5.30amm to 10.00am. I have spent a lot of time listening to him over the years.


I also got the chance to see Brian Carlton broadcast Tasmania Talks live from Agfest. I must spend too much time listening to the radio while in the truck at work.


Dianne had checked out the craft sheds, we had lunch and off to Myrtle Park for the rest of the weekend.

We were set up by 2.00pm, and soon after 5 of us were set up for the night. Myrtle Park has a fantastic camp kitchen and we all made use of it for our tea after we had taken over the gazebo by blocking off one entrance with an old tarp and Gary Thwaites had set up the firepot to keep us warm.

Myrtle Park 28

Check out the knitted beanies

Myrtle Park 4 816 pixels

Myrtle Park 30 25%

More Beanies

We even had a visit from the local friendly possum, not frightened by us at all. He came into the gazebo right under Dianne’s chair. Its a good thing she didn’t see him while he was under her chair.

Saturday morning was started with a walk around the park. Dianne’s Fitbit indicated that we had walked 2.6km, just shows how big an area Myrtle Park covers.

Myrtle Park 5 25%

Lots of very mature deciduous trees made for a picturesque setting, as long as you weren’t the one who had to rake them all up. Val and a couple of others tried their hands at skipping rocks. Val did not know she was be going to be on video.

One van headed home and two more came to join us. Geoff and Cathy Pullen from NSW have joined us for the 2nd time. They are on the road fulltime and have been in Tasmania for most of the Summer.

Myrtle Park 24 25%

We even had two new members of the Devil Wheelers – Tasmania join us. Nick and Petrina Goss were on their shake down trip with their new van.

Myrtle Park 37 816 pixels

After a casserole evening meal and another night around the campfire, we all settled down for the night as most of us were heading home reasonably early as Sunday was Mothers Day. The weather was meant to crack up late on Sunday afternoon. It did and most of us were all unpacked before it rained.


10 thoughts on “Myrtle Park May 6-7

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  2. Thanks for the update Chris and Pictures nice to see you had fairly good weather, keep up the good work on your blog


  3. We probably brushed shoulders at Agfest! Apart from that, everything else familiar, but the dates did not co-incide. Thanks for a great read. Dunmowin

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