Narrabri to Bingara

Narrabri to Bingara 816 Pixels

No more rain overnight but there was plenty of water still laying about, it was just a huge sheet of water when we set up camp last night.

Narrabri 2 25%.jpg

The grassed area around the van and along the fence was one of the few areas not covered in water last night

We only had 112km to travel today, on a secondary road after we left the Newell Hwy. Apparently this road was closed yesterday due water over the road. Dianne’s level of excitement after seeing water the first couple of times was quite high.

Bingara 1 25%

Not very deep, but Dianne likes a dry road

We eventually went through water over the road six times, the last two were reasonably fast flowing water and one had several limbs washed up on the side of the road.

Bingara 2 25%

The water was only six inches deep, but was fast flowing. Good thing it was a solid concrete Causeway so no chance of being washed away.

We arrived in Bingara right on lunch time, went straight to the local bakery and ate our lunch on the side of the road.

We made our way to the campsite on the other side of the river. A large slightly rugged surface, covered with small river stone made for a good campground with lots of space for everyone.

Bingara 3 25%

Flat enough and no need to unhook. Parked on small river stones, step from van onto the grass and views to make the trip worthwhile.

You can walk through the river (it isn’t very deep) and walk to town, but I gave it a miss as the water was very cold. It would be great if the weather was warmer. 4WD’s appear to drive through the river as there is a bit of a track.

Bingara 6 25%

There would be a lot of water flowing under the bridge when in full flood.


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