Two Days at the Jondaryan Woolshed

Texas to Jondaryan 816 pixels

Headed off early today to see if we could find some sunshine, maybe tommorrow. We had a couple of light showers but it was mainly overcast. No real direct route, probably should of went up to Millmerran instead of turning right at Inglewood, but hindsight is a marvelous thing. Lots of narrow uneven, rough sealed backroads was offset by seeing lots of the Darling Downs farming area. Miles and miles of prime cropping ground in all directions as far as you could see. We stopped to take a few photos of a Linear irrigator pumping water directly out of am irrigation channel.

Darling Downs 4 25%

Darling Downs 5 25%

The ground must of had a high clay content as the ground was wet and with each step I was getting taller. The muddy ground was literally adding a layer to the bottom of my boots with each step, but the photos were worth it.

Darling Downs 7 25%

The boots were getting higher with every step.

We setup in the Jondaryan Caravan Park , had lunch, a quick look around the site and someone had lit the fire for “Happy Hour” inside a shed with the flue up through the centre of the roof, lots of tales to be told.

Day two and a little rain early but we had a couple of walks around the site. Lots of static displays and local historic buildings relocated onto the site. Plenty to keep us occupied all day. Lots of friendly campers and there was even a wedding in the woolshed.

Jondaryan Woolshed 3 25%

A fantastic example of yesteryear


Jondaryan Woolshed 4 25%

I have been looking for some sunshine for over a week, this is as close as I have come

Dianne would even stay longer but north we must go. Two days to get to Harvey Bay.


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