Goomeri Day 2

Today was just a day to have a look around the area and relax. The Goomeri Caravan and Bush Park is a large flat area set up so everyone has plenty of space. There are a couple of walking tracks around the park, one is along the creek along the side of the park and the other a 2.5kmm trail is up over a hill with some good views and returns back to the park.

Goomeri 5 25%

Plenty of room for everyone. This is only part of the camping area

We had a look around Goomeri, there is a camping ground at the showground, but it is right on the main road through town. There are some interesting buildings around town.

Goomeri 6 25%

After a quick look around Goomeri, we decided to take a drive to Murgon. We have travelled through here before. There is a caravan park that has closed down and the community have turned it into a free camp. It is very close to the town centre. There are only a few sites suited to larger, higher rigs as there are some overhanging trees. We also found the Queensland Dairy and Heritage Museum, a very interesting museum. We even had our own personal tour guide who made the whole experience wonderful as she gave her insight into the exhibits.

Murgon 1 25%

Murgon 2 25%

Murgon 3 25%

Murgon 4 25%


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