Hervey Bay for Three Days

Goomeri to Hervey Bay 25%

A little drizzle in the morning, but once we were on the road the sun tried to shine through the clouds. We stopped at a road side stall in Kilkivan for some bananas, mandarins and a small pumpkin. Supporting these stalls and visiting the local bakeries for bread instead of using the big supermarkets is one way we have decided to support the local communities who provide low and free camping throughout rural Australia.

Dianne wanted to come to Hervey Bay to catch up with a former work colleage. We went out for dinner to the local yacht club with Judy and her husband Kerry on the Monday night and then had a wonderful home cooked meal on the Tuesday night. Nothing beats a good roast lamb.

Dianne and Judy 2 816 pixels

Dianne and Judy

Two leisurely days just taking in the sights, we were a little early to go whale watching but we did find Planet 72 Ice Cream parlour with 72 flavours of icecream, we did sample a few.

Dianne Planet 72 4 25%

Planet 72 4 816 pixels

Planet 72 Ice Creamery, it is a POI on Wikicamps


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