Nobby Beach Caravan Park

kmBrisbane to Gold Coast 816 pixels

We only had to travel 89km today and we arrivd on the Gold Coast in less than an hour and a half to reach the Nobby Beach Caravan Park, where we will spend the next 2 nights. It is situated in the lower part of the Gold Coast and a little more laid back. There are several sites for big rigs and while they are more than long enough, they are only just wide enough. The concrete slabs under the awning protrude 100mm above the grass and care has to be taken not to take the side out of a caravan tyre scraping along the sharp corner. Why they made them like this just defies logic. All set up and then we have to squeeze the ute in front of the van. It is still a good spot to access the Gold Coast for a couple of days with a big rig.

We went for a quick walk to check out the beachfront, no boardwalks along this section of beach. Dianne just had to check out Pacific Fair, a very large shopping mall. You could get lost in there, which Dianne nearly did, she didn’t remember which level we parked the ute on.

We are booked in for a meal and show at Draculas

IMG_3747 816 pixels

Draculas 881 pixels

The cast, courtesy of Facebook

IMG_3755 816 pixels

Very hard to get a clear photo because of strobe lights. This is a side stage

IMG_3798 25%

The waiters and waitresses add to the experience

More later, not enough hours in the day.


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