Another big day on the road today,just a miserly 73km. We have now left Queensland and could be probably considered to be on the way home. Two weeks to make Port Melbourne for our trip across Bass Strait back to Tasmania. We are watching the bad weather and very cold weather down south below Sydney. Do we hang around in the top half of New South Wales. We would like four days in Melbourne and probably three days at Lane Cove Caravan Park and have a look around Sydney. Decisions, decisions, decisions, whatever we do we will get caught in some bad weather.

We are staying at Mullumbimby tonight at the local sportsground. Mullumbimby is a little bit of an alternate lifestyle area.

Mullumbimby 816 pixels

A look around town and also to stock up on a few supplies was followed up by a scenic drive through the hills along part of the Coolamon Scenic Drive, through the hills back to the Pacific Highway and then into Byron Bay. We made our way straight up to the lighthouse and I went for a walk to the most eastern part of mainland Australia,even though the sign is well short of the mark

Byron Bay 26 25%

Almost there

Byron Bay 25 25%

Still a bit further to go

Not to be outdone I followed the track to the last lookout and then continued on to what I thought was safe. The last thing I wanted to get washed off the rocks and need to be rescued.

Byron Bay 7 25%

I think this is close enough

Byron Bay 8 25%

Now I have to climb back up

Byron Bay 14 25%

Standing on top of the rocky knob was close enough

Byron Bay has a lot to offer in the way of walking trails to and from and around the lighthouse. There is some parking close to the lighthouse but it is a tad expensive but cheap if you only want to check out the highlights and the views.


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