Kempsey to Maitland 816 pixels

Leaving Kempsey for the 282km drive to Maitland we did want to visit the Slim Dusty Centre, but part of the experience is watching a 2hr movie so we decided we will have to do it on another trip.

A little drizzle to start the day, but we only drove through 2 or 3 showers all day making the days drive quite pleasant. We stopped for lunch in Bulahdelah and on the way south out of town we came across a cosy little campsite on the edge of the river. We will put it in the memory bank for a future trip, even though there was plenty already setup around 1.00pm, it must be popular.

We arrived at the Maitland Showground after 3.00pm which was later than usual. Lots of friendly campers and there were two other 5th wheeelers.

A walk around the showgtound early in the morning, I was greeted by a hive of activity, greyhound time trials, trotters being prepared for training after the greyhounds were finished. Right throughout the day, every time we were about in the showground there were people doing something.

Maitland Showground 4 816 pixels

Trotters being put through their paces with the greyhound track is on the inside

A trip to the Information Centre provided us with plenty to do, enough for a few days, but we are in town for only one more day. A trip to the Walcha Water Works. It was a shame that the museum wasn’t open, but there was still abit to see. One of the tanks that was used for filtration was fenced off and while the water in it was absolutely disgusting, it was teaming with goldfish (carp). A father and his three children were feeding them with half a loaf of bread. Apparently they must have been fed over the weekend as today they were pretty sedate, but there was plenty of them and some of them were huge (for goldfish), there was 2 or 3 around 2ft long.

Walka Water Works 2 25%

There is a heritage walk around town. We split in two with part of it checked out before lunch and the rest after lunch. Everywhere we looked there was heritage buildings, some in better states on repair than others.

Maitland Heritage Walk 2 816 pixels

St Mary’s Rectory, 1880

Maitland Heritage Walk 12 25%

The Blackboy Statue Hitching Post has stood in High St since 1886, probably not polictically correct now but it does look good. Check out the hitching ring in his right hand.

Maitland Heritage Walk 26 816 pixels

Clarine Cira 1878

Lots of photoslater, too many to put on here, we now look forward to a short trip into Sydney along with a bit of traffic.


4 thoughts on “Maitland

  1. Thanks for your informative trip. Have looked forward to reading your blogs since you first mentioned the plan to go to festival a number of months ago. We ( Wendy and I) totally enjoyed our 5 weeks in Tassie at beginning of year starting out from Penguin New Years day for a week along north coast,
    then a clockwise 4 weeks round taking in as much as we could even if it was lots of smoke at the time and then floods. Was sad to leave as there was so much more to see. Hope to be back again with van one day. Regards David

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