Lane Cove River Tourist Park

Maitland to Sydney 816 pixels

Our 2016 trip is coming towards its end. We only had another short drive of 151km today. I was not looking forward to driving in Sydney’s traffic. The last 10-15km were the most hectic. The driving is not the problem, it is the narrow lanes and keeping within them. We were following a semi trailer and there was only about 100mm from the white lines to his wheels on both sides. The concentration of staying within your lane, watching for someone to do something dumb and making sure you were in the right lane for the next turn off and then not turning too early or too late makes for an exciting drive.

Dianne Sydney 3 816 pixels

Perfect example of what diving in Sydney can throw up, narrow lanes, a car driving beside me for a couple of kays, three lanes of traffic, the left lane is a clearway, the white car up front is parked. What is the car beside me going to do? Luckily he stopped but he could quite easily of merged right and then it would of been exciting.

Dianne has actually done a very good job with the navigating skills this year. She has a 2nd GPS in my mini Ipad running Sygic offline maps. in conjunction with the in dash GPS that we normally use. Dianne has taken an interest in how we actually get to our destination. The Sygic GPS in by far a superior GPS system and once I get home, I will be udating the one in the ute.

We arrived safely at the caravan park , checked in, caught up with some washing and went for a walk to find the train station for tommorrows trip into Sydney and purchase a couple of Opal Cardsthe card system for public transport in Sydney. 

On the way back to our van, I stubbled across Ross and Lesley Huth, who tow their caravan with an Iveco Daily Dualcab. He has set it up very well with air suspended seats and a customised centre console and they are coming to Tassie early August 2016 for 4 months, keep an eye out for them.

Iveco  Huth 3 25%

Room for everything and not overloaded

Iveco  Huth 4 25%

Air suspended seats as standard, now thats comfort

Iveco  Huth 5 25%

Switchs, guages, a fold down GPS, 12v and USB connections as well a spot for all the knick knacks

Iveco  Huth 7 25%

Everything in its place keeps everything tidy

The washing hasn’t dried, its going to rain overnight, good thing we have a portable clothesline.

Dianne Sydney 9 25%

Lots of room with the slideout extended

Day 2 Sydney

Today is the first day that we have just done nothing because of the weather. We have had wet days early in the trip but we were travelling. We were planning to head into the city, but gave it up as a bad joke.



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