Day Trip into Sydney

We finally headed into the city, a 1km walk to the train station for an 8.15am train ride with a swap over at the Wynyard station and then to Circular Quay for a 9.30 2hr trip around Sydney Harbour. The North Ryde train Station looks brand new, I think it is part of a new line. It is barely noticeable from the street, we had to ask directions to it and we were only 100m away from the entrance. It is deep underground, down 2 flights of stairs on an esculator.

Sydney Trains 4 25%

The train station is a long way underground.

We made our way to Circular Quay and chose a 2hr cruise around the harbour. The weather was fine but the wind was a little blustery. All in all it was a very good way to fill in the morning and check out Sydney Harbour. It is an introductory insight into Sydney.

Sydney Harbour 87 25%

Sydney Harbour 86 25%

Sydney Harbour 98 25%

Sydney Harbour 104 816 pixels

A Replica Endeavour

We finished our cruise at Darling Harbour instead of returning to Circular Quay.

After a little walking around we made our way up to view the city from the top of the Sydney Tower. What a great place to get Sydney in perspective, from the heads of Sydney Habour, to Botany Bay, watching the jets takeoff and land at the airport, apparantly you can see the Blue Mountains on a clear day, but not today, even leaning against the glass and looking straight down at the streets below. It doesn’t look that far, but the people are very small. We lost track of how long we were up there, I think I walked around at least three times.

Dianne Sydney Tower 1 25%

Dianne Sydney Tower 4 25%

Climb the steps and place your head against the glass

Dianne Sydney Tower 5 25%

Lunch was next, then a quick stroll around the War Memorial and then a look aroung the Australian Museum. I could of spent more time here but it was time to head home. We did want to beat the peak hour rush, although lots of school kids travel home from school on the train.

Australia Museum Sydney 2 25%

Australian Museum, so much to see, very hard to get a decent photo

We had a great day and while we only touched the surface of what Sydney has to offer, we both thought that one day was enough of the big city for this year. Maybe a similar trip next year.

Sydney Trains 2 25%

Another view of Sydney Harbour, from the train on the way back to the caravan park.


2 thoughts on “Day Trip into Sydney

    • We usually just drive through Sydney, however we chose to have a day in the city this year. We found the train into the city very easy to use, just get your Opal card from a seven11 and find out which stations you need to get on and off before you start. Don’t be afraid to ask a stranger for help.


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