“Spirit of Tasmania” back to Tassie

Wednesday July 27th 2016, is our first mid week trip back to Tassie on the the “Spirit.” With a 13m ute and 5th wheeler, parking can be a problem around Post Melbourne. Arriving just in time is a bit of a juggle, arrive too early and you need to sit in your car and wait patiently, get caught in traffic and miss your sailing.

We chose to leave Ashley Gardens at 4.30pm, return to the Western Ring Road via Ballarat Road, over the Westgate Bridge and then make your way to Port Melbourne, a total of 29km and 30mins drive time. We gave the shorter 14km and 23mins drive time alternative a wide berth in case peak hour traffic created us some truoble. It would be OK on a weekend sailing.

Route to Port Melbourne 816 pixels.png

The trip around the Western Ring Road was uneventful, only took 30mins so we parked up on Williamstown Rd. Plenty of parking but nothing else, so we just sat it out. The last 10mins to the terminal was easy. The gates to the terminal open at 5.00pm, we arrived at 5.30pm, only a few in front of us. Getting through quarantine is straight forward, they just check to see if you have anying you can’t take to Tassie. Once you are through the checks you drive to the end of the pier, turn and come back alongside the “Spirit”, turn the ute off and wait some more. We won’t be on board much before 7.00pm for the 7.30pm sailing.


Our trip is almost over, just an overnight trip on the ferry.


Straight in the gate, around to the right to go through quarantine.


Deck 3 entry on ground level, Deck 5 entry via the gantry bridge. Load in the front in Melbourne, drive off the rear in Devonport.


Not so squeezy, we are parked on a ramp that gives access to other levels.


No better on the other side, but there is a barrier between us and the freight trailers.


Were back in Tassie, less than 30 minutes from home.


2 thoughts on ““Spirit of Tasmania” back to Tassie

  1. It’s even more tricky when you are 4 metres high Chris. We had to park on The Boulevard west of the terminal, walk to the boarding lounge to check in and get boarding passes, walk back to the 5er, then had to be at the freight gate at 6.15 with our passes. We park with the semi trailers and waited for quarantine to come and inspect. Last on to load on deck 3 with the trailers but we were first off in Devonport. It’s quite nice parked on the boulevard by the ocean and it wasn’t hard negotiating The Boulevard and Beach Road with our big rig. As you would know experience driving trucks, in John’s case truck and super dog trailers is a huge advantage. One thing we’ve found we do need is some sort of lighting over 5er wheels as John can’t see them when driving in the dark. We didn’t plan on driving in the dark but forgot about when you get off the boat in Melbourne at 6.00 am! I’ve enjoyed reading about your trip, so keep up the good work!


    • I have just spent the last two days tidying up the last few days of our trip in the blog.I have been a little lazy. I will re read it a couple of times and maybe add an extra photo or two but it is all but finished now until our Tassie weekends away start when the weather fines up just a little bit.


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