Fuel Economy 2016

I used Fuel Map to monitor my fuel usage for my entire trip. It gives fuel economy for individual fills and fills between any amount of fills between two dates.

Our trip this year was only 5427km, down from 6204km last year, both trips were for 6 weeks duration. Previous trips were around 7500km and 4 weeks duration. This tells me that we are taking the time to smell the roses and not spending too much time driving.



These figures were recorded using the “My Car” button on Fuel Map. 2 photos cut and pasted under each other



Fuel economy for our 2016 trip was 6.4km/l or (15.5 l/100km). Fuel economy ranged from 5.4km/l or (18.6 l/100km) to 8.8km/l or (11.3 l/100km). The fuel consumption was started when I filled up in Ulverstone, approxiamately 15km after I left home and ended back in Ulverstone after I had unloaded and unhooked and driven the 15km back to the same service station (just coincidence). Previous fuel economy on earlier trips was around 6.2km/l or (16.1 l/100km), last year was 6.4km/l or (15.5 l/100km) . As I was loaded to 5900kg, which is checked on the local weighbridge each year before I head to north, I was very happy with the figures. These figures were achieved by driving at 90km/h, checked with GPS. which was 95km/h on the speedo.

Fuel Economy 2016 1 575 pixels.png




These figures were recorded usin the”History” button . 4 photos were cut and pasted under the one above. I usually use km/l for fuel economy but used litre/100km in above photos.

I am a big believer in just filling up when empty and don’t worry about the cost but hopefully I can look back over a couple of years to see how each trip compares.

Map of Trip

Check out the link below for our trip on Google maps. Feel free to zoom in and click on markers for more details. You can’t alter the map details but you can play. I am still adding a few finer details but it is mostly complete.

2016 Trip Details


2 thoughts on “Fuel Economy 2016

  1. I use Fuel Map too and find it to be a great tool. It’s a bit daunting though to see the fuel consumption driving around the hills in Tassie! At least we don’t have to drive as far to visit truly beautiful places 🙂


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