Cressy Weekend Away

When I’m working I only have every third weekend off. It is a four day weekend, so there are some incentives to keep doing it. The weather has been terrible since we arrived home from our trip to Queensland. This weekend was no different, but we did have a shed with a fire and a bar. What more could you want?

The Devil Wheelers – Tasmania chapter of the CMCA decided to have a get together at a private residence because we needed to keep dry and warm if the weather was not pleasant. Rain, snow and wind were all in the mix. The sun did shine, when we were packing up to come home.


A bit wet and sloppy, but all good solid ground, no one got stuck


Lots of freshly mown grass behind us, but too wet to venture on to it


Garry had a puncture (see photos below) on the way to Cressy but we still found a good solid spot for him


Plenty of places to park


We all had a great time despite the weather


Snow on the mountains, not that far away.


Counter meal at the Cressy Pub


Sticky date pudding to finish off a great meal


A barbie to finish off the weekend before we all head home

Despite the weather we all had a great time. Hopefully our next weekend away at Riana will have a little bit better weather.

More photos and report at Devil Wheelers Tasmania


4 thoughts on “Cressy Weekend Away

    • The weather was very average and has been since we arrived home in late July, actually before we headed north in mid June. It is probably the wettest winter, spring we have had for a very long time, but most of mainland Australia has been wet this year. We must make the best of what we have, luckily we had great company and a warm shed.


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