Pioneer Park Riana

Pioneer Park, Riana was were the Devils Wheelers – Tasmania chose for their getaway for our November 11th-12th 2016 weekend away.

I only live 15km down the road in Penguin. Working night shift on the nights before I decided to set the van up on the Thursday afternoon before work.

Friday morning I was already set up, no need to rush about still half asleep. I had a sight with good sun for the solar panels. The weather was perfect and everyone was soon setup.


Happy hour out in the sunshine today, not that lucky on Saturday

Lots of catching up, we also welcomed some new vanners who joined us for the weekend for the first time. Of course we had a couple of games of disc bowls, a great way to get new visitors to feel at home.

Saturday arrived and the clouds looked threatening, but the rain stayed away until after 3.00pm. Three of us blokes just had to check out a nearby logging coupe and check out all the modern gear that is involved in harvesting Tassie’s renewable resource. If you come to Tasmania, you will see plenty of logging activity, but don’t despair there is more than enough wilderness to keep you amused.


Big boys toys here and not a Greenie in site

It is always interesting to see upgrades to other peoples vans. Airbags added under a 5th wheeler to improve a vans stability on the road was a new one for me. It appears to have merit. The owner is very happy with the result saying that the contents of his van stay where they are left, not bounced around inside the van.


Four airbags fitted to assist each spring to help with stability, not carry extra load.

One thing about camping close to home is that the grandkids get a chance to visit.


While the boat has seen better days, it does keep the grandkids amused for a while.

Rain was coming and we set the firepot close to the shelter, close enough to keep us warm. Far enough away as to not burn the shelter down. A couple of small gas heaters also helped after dark.



Gary Thwaites made the effort to bring a large barbeque that was big enough to feed us all and as the rain began to fall, we all moved under cover for happy hour and a top cook up. We were a little cramped for space, however we all stayed dry and warm.


A little fun was had with a couple of halloween masks. We also discovered how much fun can be had with a small squeeze box and a kazoo (a small whistle). It doesn’t take much to amuse us big kids and we had a lot of fun despite the rain falling constantly outside.


Rain was still falling Sunday morning. Some packed up early and headed off. Those who waited to later on didn’t get wet as the weather cleared up, with just a couple of light showers. Another great weekend away, lets hope the weather improves for the next weekend away in three weeks time.

A link to the Devil Wheelers Blog  is below



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