Cressy Again

Our weekend away was meant to be Bishopbourne. We had hired the hall for our Christmas rally. With the arrival of lots of machinery to hotmix the driveway, a sudden change of venue was needed. A couple of phone calls and we were off to Cressy to Nick and Petrina Goss’ backyard. Plenty of room, we were coming here in January as they have a well appointed garage with everything we needed.

Everyone arrived without any hassles with the sudden change of venue and the weather was great. Friday night was our Christmas Dinner and everyone chipped in and lent a hand. Everything went to plan and a great meal was had by all. No one went hungry and there was plenty of leftovers for Saturday as well.


Many hands make light work for the two turkeys to be cooked in the Webers


The heat beads needed a bit of help


The table is set for our Christmas Dinner


We even had a visit from Santa

A great couple of days just relaxing. It does make a difference when the weather is kind

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