Hall Point Sulphur Creek

The weather is getting a little better, rain is forecast overnight though and its going to be windy on day 2. We have come to Sulphur Creek, just west of Penguin, Tasmania. We were lucky to get a great spot with shelter from the wind, tucked in behind some boobyallas.

Hall Point Sulphur Creek 1 816 Pixels.jpg

Lots of shelter behind us if the wind picks up


Plenty of windbreak behind us. The 2nd day we were very sheltered from the breeze. We could sit around the fire out of all but the swirly gusts of wind


Fantastic views through the other vans, the sound of waves in the background and a firepot, what more could you want. The penguins in the lower photos are at the back of the van on the left. It had left on the 2nd night when the photos were taken

The weather for day 1 was just fabulous, warm, no wind and about 8 vans, all friendly and from all around Australia. A couple of walks along the beach did however show how much damage had been done to the foreshore. A lot of the sand above the normal high tide mark had disappeared and a normally pristine beach was littered with driftwood and exposed rocks that would normally be covered with sand. Luckily I had bought the trusty chainsaw and gathered some firewood for the firepot and cleaned up some of the drier driftwood.

The 2nd day was very windy. Luckily we had a sheltered spot. Hall Point is used as a stopover for travellers either just arriving or just waiting to leave Tassie on the “Spirit” and as several vans left early in the morning it wasn’t long until two or three new arrivals set up.

We did get to meet a couple of English backpackers in a little van who wanted to see some penguins. We were in luck and were able to see 2 chicks being fed by their parents from around the firepot. A quick walk around revealed quite a few more with even more hidden in the under growth. You could hear them but they didn’t want to come out and be seen.


The sun has set, it is almost dark and the penguins have started to appear


The two adult penguins hve come in to feed their young ones. There are two chicks but one is a bit shy and it was almost impossible to get a good photo of the four of them in one photo


Another nest away from the camping area.



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