York Town Watermill Cottage Campsite

Summer has finally arrived and any chance to get away in the 5th wheeler is high on the agenda. Keeping up with my blog is getting harder and harder. Its either going to work or going camping. There is not much spare time.

York Town has a relatively new low cost campsite, so we had to check it out. What a fabulous place, 4 acres of well mown grass, a small lake, plenty of low trees and shrubs for windbreaks, lots of space to lay back and relax without intruding on fellow campers.

Four vans met up for some relaxation, the weather was perfect, the setting was ideal with a communal fire ring , a shelter for when the weather was less than perfect.

Peron Farm Campground

Low cost campgrounds seem to be a growth area in campgrounds and caravan parks. Peron Farm is one such campground still in its infancy. It has a very flat area still being developed , give it 12 months and it will be a great place to spend a few days. A fabulous camp kitchen made out of a shipping container with plenty of shelter if the wind gets up.

Greens Beach, Narawntapu Lookout

A great view of the coast after a short walk to the Greens Beach, Narawntapu lookout was only a short drive from Greens Beach.



Cicadas were making an amazing noise for such a small insect. There must have been thousands of them. You couldn’t see them without searching for them but they certainly made a racket. Apparantly it was mating season


You had to look to spot a cicida as they blended in to their surroundings very well


Gathering around the firepot with fellow vanners is always good. It just caps off a great day and a warm fire is a fantastic place to meet others.


A good fire just brings strangers together

Veronica just had to try the stocks out. Her lovely son in law, Nick thought it would be fun to stick a twig through the latch. Hubby Peter also had to get in on the act, daughter Petrina had the camera ready, I couldn’t help but put the picture on my blog. Good thing Veronica has a sense of humour.





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