Forth Recreation Ground

The Forth Recreation Ground was the perfect place for another couple of days on my midweek break from work, close to home, close for family to visit, far enough away from home to just relax without a long drive. Parts of the sports ground are still fenced off as they recover from flood damage back in June 2016

Plenty of diversity in the fellow campers at Forth. Mainlanders either just arriving or just leaving our great little state of Tasmania, locals getting away with the kids while on school holidays, backpackers, lots of backpackers on a working holiday. There is lots of seasonal work around here harvesting and processing a wide range of fruit and vegetables from the Summer harvest. No camp would be complete without a group of bogans and yes they decided to camp right beside us. One of them even thought it would be nice to run a noisy generator as far away from his caravan, as his extension cord would allow in our direction. At 3.00am I had had enough, throwing it in the river would have been a little extreme so I placed it as close the rear of his van as I considered safe.


Photo taken from the step of our van, the generator was halfway between the vans

Luckily we hadn’t unhooked, all we had to do was bring the slideout in, wind the stabiliser legs up and move to a quieter part of the park. We had been chatting to a family in another corner of the park the previous day, they had told us they were moving early the next morning for one last day in Tassie taking in the sites before heading home.


This family were on the “Spirit of Tasmania ferry” heading home on the night sailing.

It was surprising how early new vans were coming in to set up for the next night. 10.00am and vans were starting to roll in, a quick chat to our departing neighbours was needed. They drove out and we backed in, I do love it when a plan comes together.


We moved in

All in all we had a great couple of days, we had plenty of family and friends come to visit. Australia Day was our last day, I did have to return to work the next day and being so close to home we could pack up mid afternoon to head home.


Its hard to believe but this was completely under water only six months ago

Oh well, seven days of work and I have a four day weekend to head off again.



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