Ulverstone Apex Caravan Park

Another weekend off and the chance to camp with a few friends close to home was gratefully accepted. School holidays were almost over and the local caravan park had plenty of space. While there was plenty of space, everyone had the same idea as us, it was quite windy and the boobyallas along the shore front were very popular as it provided plenty of shelter from the wind.

We have stayed here before and we were lucky enough to have our favourite spot, a large site with a great spot out the back for the firepot and not a breath of wind. The only downside is the service pole for the power and water is fair in the middle of the site, right at the front. This puts a lot of people off as it is very tricky to get the van into just the right spot, especially if there are other vans on the other side of the driveway, only one this time so not too much trouble.

Ulverstone 10 816 Pixels.jpg

The winter floods deposited plenty of driftwood along the foreshore. I actually took more firewood home than I brought with me. I did have a liitle local knowledge here and had even bought my chainsaw with me.


We won’t go cold tonight, mix this with some dry wood from home and the firepot will be glowing tonight

The van set up, a great stew cooking in the camp oven and time for happy hour. Not a breath of wind even though it was very gusty out on the beach.


Almost half the park came for happy hour on both nights we stayed. One couple along with two kids were in Tassie looking for work and to plan settle nearby. We hope they find work soon as they have not booked a return voyage on the “Spirits” back to the mainland and caravan space is almost fully booked out. Another fellow was travelling alone, leaving his wife at home helped make for a couple of great nights chatting around a nice warm fire.

We even had time to have a look for a couple of push bikes to help enhance our travelling experience, as well as keep us fit when we venture back to the mainland again.

Ulverstone 5.jpg

Dianne will love this photo on here, tell her it suits her or whether she should settle for the scooter behind her

Hopefully I can find some more photos later.


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