A Little Trip to Smithton

Another couple of days off and a quick trip down to Smithton to the Trawmanna Aboriginal Ground. For $5.00 a night the ground is open for a week in the lead up to the Devil Country Muster. Sadly I was going to miss the main events but it was a fabulous place to relax for a couple of days. The local aboriginal community have done a wonderful job creating a community meeting place


There were three similar workout stations for that early morning exercise


We even cleaned up the fire pit of rubbish, sprinkled a bit of Ant Rid to sort out a jack jumpers nest and another great night was had around the campfire.


A short trip to Allendale Gardens made for a fabulous walk around 6 acres of landscaped gardens and 65 acres of rainforest. Several themed areas of manicured gardens and a short flat walk through a rainforest made for a great afternoon



5 thoughts on “A Little Trip to Smithton

  1. We will be back in Smithton in May to be the caretakers at RiverBreeze Caravan and Cabin Park. We weren’t aware of the Trawmanna Aboriginal Ground. Will have to check it out, We also plan on visiting Allendale Gardens this time as it was closed the day we went. Glad you enjoyed your time there.

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    • Trawmanna is very close to the caravan park, virtually on the other side of the golf course on Mella Rd. You can even walk through the golf course if you are game.
      Allendale Gardens is well worth a visit. It is starting to become too much for the owners as they are not as young as they once were.
      We will have to catch up as you head towards Smithton or even join us for a weekend on April 7,8 at Turners Beach

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  2. If you like to ride bikes you should come to Turners Beach, hopefully we will have our bike racks set up by then, very flat and a long bike track both directions.
    Turners Beach is a flat block owned by Veteran Car Club and the Devil Wheelers chapter of the CMCA has a gathering there, visitors welcome

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