Rocky Cape Tavern

The Rocky Cape Tavern was the location for our weekend away. The site has free camping and extra features right up to a full service caravan park. Lots of room to spread out, play a few games of disc bowls and have a campfire and not get in any one elses road.



Just up the road was the Rocky Cape National Park with lots of spectacular scenery, some short walks and even some longer walks over the hills to Sisters Beach for the more adventurous, just not for us.


Fantastic views in all directions that the camera doesn’t do justice to.

The counter meals at the Tavern were great value for money and no one went hungry and anyone free camping in their grounds is encouraged to partake in some fine food, along with a beer or two.

On the way home, we couldn’t resist to spend a night at Hall Point, Sulphur Creek. The weather was great, I had another day off, Dianne had baby sitting duties early the next day and we were only 5km from home. There was plenty of driftwood on the beach and we found a great spot arriving around noon.


A quick trip home to get Dianne’s car, as well as the chainsaw to turn this pile of driftwood into “beer barrel firepot” friendly and  we will have another warm night around the campfire. We even had some left over ready for our next trip.

It always amazes us that when we camp alone and get the firepot out who comes over to say hello and enjoy a drink or two. We even had an invitation from one couple, Lloyd and Kerry, to visit South West Rocks NSW on our trip to Queensland this year to return the hospitality, another solo backpacker from Germany had travelled the furthest along with several other vanners from various states around mainland Australia. To top things off two old fellas entertained us with some great music, well into the evening


Fellow campers with a guitar and a mandolin kept us entertained around the campfire until almost midnight


5 thoughts on “Rocky Cape Tavern

  1. Hi Chris and Diane, new to the travel game looking at buying small ultima 5th wheeler than yours> I have read some of the comments and would like a final comment from both of you about the rig. All will be helpful.

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    • Hi Nerida, there are 2 smaller Ultimas, 1 was 24ft and dual axle with a similar layout, the other was a single axle called the Cafe. I think all of the Ultimas had the same bedroom, shower, toilet setup, only the back was different. I think the Cafe living area is way to small compared to the rest of the 5th wheeler. Make sure the outside panelling has not faded, I have seen some very badly faded. Make sure the floor does not feel spongy, a little is acceptable and make sure slideout mechanism is not worn and works smoothly. You also have to watch your weight very carefully, do your homework carefully


  2. Hi Chris and Dianne

    I have a the same rig as you do only a white Colorado .Just noticed a awning over your slide do you know where I can get one from and is there any thing you would change having the chance to buy another? we live in Karratha W.A with no caravan sales or service up here, do all the maintenance and repairs myself.

    Love our 5th wheeler.

    Michael & Rose ________________________________

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