Two Week Trip To CMCA Pontville Rally

Dianne and I are heading to the CMCA Pontville Rally, we have never been to anything like this before and don’t really know what to expect. Working a shift roster has allowed me to take 7 days off work, but end up with a 14 day break. We plan to make the most of this time and just relax and see what happens.

Day 1

We have been invited to Cressy to meet up with some 5th wheelers who are in Tasmania from the mainland, one is going to the rally and we think the another may join us as well for just a few days.

Jon and Judy have imported a 5th wheeler from the USA and Jon has done most of the conversion to Australian compliance himself. Included in the conversion was installing lithium batteries and recessing his awning to stay within Aussie width regulations. Jon also follows my blog and this was another reason to call in for a chat.

Giving visitors travel tips and places of interest that may interest them is very entertaining. Seeing their reaction to travelling on Tassie’s winding roads, along with “mainlanders” ideas of day trips. They think nothing of travelling well over 100km’s in all directions to see all the attractions from a base camp, whereas us locals think it is a big trip to go down to the local shop for some milk only 5 minutes away. Trying to convince Doug and Dawn that a drive up Jacobs Ladder to the skiing village of Ben Lomond would be a truly wonderful experience and seeing the look on Dawn’s face was almost priceless.

Day 2

We are off to Hamilton today and are yet to decide whether we take the van to Derwent Bridge or just make it a day trip as we will be returning the same way as the “Wall in the Wilderness” has been on our bucket list for a while.

We set up camp in Hamilton after having lunch at Bothwell. We arrived around 1.00pm and setup with plenty of room. Within 30 minutes the camp was full to overflowing.

Day 3

A trip to the Wall in the Wilderness from Hamilton along the Lyell Highway was a steady drive along a reasonably good road but I was very surprised by the speed of the caravans coming downhill in the opposite direction. While it wasn’t steep, the road had many long decents and travellers, 99% of them with interstate registration plates were travelling way too fast. The brake temperatures would have to have been very hot. If they needed to stop in an emergency it may have been exciting.

I even ran over a snake on the way to Derwent Bridge, I just didn’t see it until too late, it just blended into the bitumen, but I did get a photo on the way home as someone had marked it with a Coke can.

Tiger Snake 1 816 pixels.jpg

The Wall in the Wilderness is a truly inspiring experience, a 100m wall of amazing carvings depicting Tasmania through the years. A work in progress, so another visit in a couple of years should show a bit more. I cannot believe that I haven’t been here before, but better late than never.

Wall in the Wilderness 816 pixels

We had lunch at the Angry Wombat Cafe and I just had to buy their stubby holder, very quirky.

Day 4

A quick trip to the Plenty Salmon Ponds was just amazing, especially if you are into fishing. Seeing monstrous Rainbow Trout in a feeding frenzy chasing the food pellets we were feeding them. The large Brook Trout were a little uninterested, but the smaller ones in an adjacant pond really had the water boiling. Atlantic Salmon, Brown Trout and Tiger Trout were all on display. To make the site even better was the large array of mature trees within the grounds.




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