Pontville Rally

Saturday the 11th of March and four of the “Devil Wheelers” are meeting at 10.00am just down the road to all head in a convoy so we can all be sited together. Rally secretary  Col Coleman went above and beyond to help us out.

Col Coleman in Pink 816 pixels

Col Coleman getting into the pink and purple theme very early

As long as a couple of us with motorhomes didn’t mind being situated off the main site with the big rigs it would be no problem or so we thought. Volunteers have problems with parking up 5th wheelers and caravans (motorhomes are so much easier), they don’t realise we have to unhook and move forward to be able to walk between and then there are slideouts. We finally got setup once the volunteers had left.

Pontville 1 816 pixels

Check out the motorhome in the background with a popup bedroom above the cab and self tracking solar panels

Pontville 20 816 pxels

Setting up the “Devil Wheelers” outdoor banner

A welcome for 1st time rally attendants in the main marquee at 3.00pm and all formalities were dealt with and we were made most welcome.

Sunday day 2 and big rigs and 5th wheelers and motorhomes towing small cars rolled in. Walking around the outer areas and seeing some of the setups that grey nomads are travelling around Australia, is as good as visiting the best tourist destination. 10.00am is morning tea every day. Activities for the day are highlighted. Just deciding what to do in what order is a big decision, there is plenty to do.

Monday day 3 and today is the first official day of the Rally and all the motorhomes are arriving. Military precision in parking all these rigs. It does seem easy when they are all of similar size. Today is the first official day and walking around all the trade exhibits and food outlets, registering for activities for the rest of the week, seeing what is on offer kept us busy most of the day.

Pontville 5 816 pixels

7.00pm and we are in the main marquee for tonights big act, Bodane Hatten, a magician and comedian. Very entertaining with lots of illusion and funny gags.

Bodane Hattin

Tuesday day 4, activities to keep us occupied, the trade tents are full to overflowing, food stalls everywhere. Information overload, plenty to do, bring on happy hour at 4.00pm, grab a drink and find a group playing music, two or three small groups located centrally to everyone most nights.

Pontville Happy Hour Music 816 pixels

Bring an instrument and join in or just sit back and enjoy

Wednesday day 5 begins with an early morning walk (most mornings, not just today) with Garry at 7.00am for an hour, finished with an egg and bacon roll in the footy clubrooms for the poets breakfast. A heritage machinery display was setup just for today. Just walking around the grounds, talking to fellow campers and seeing all the different ways people go camping and the time just flies.

Leitner Electric Bike 2 816 pixels

Dianne wants an electric bike, she doesn’t like pedalling uphills

Always have time to check out an Iveco setup looking for ideas.

Pontville 13 816 pixels

Lit up like a Christmas Tree, luckily about 10.00pm it was lights out for most of the lights so we could all sleep

So many photos, trying to remember which order things happened, getting most of our memories down before we forget, a few edits may be in order at a later date, please be patient. Part 2 of the rally in a seperate post coming soon.


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