Pontville Rally 2

Wednesday was also Banner Parade Day, almost missed adding the photos

Banners at Pontville 3 816 pixels

Banners at Pontville 6 816 pixels

Thursday day 6 is the start of the disc bowls tournament. The ladies had 1 team make it through to day 2 and the finals. The mixed teams and the mens teams won a couple of games but didn’t progress to day 2. I sadly went out in round 1 in both of my games, maybe better next time.

Pontville 10 816 pixels

Sue concentrating on her shot, while Veronica and I watch on, very serious stuff these disc bowls tournaments

Reno and Jade are tonights entertainment, what a great act, non stop for two and a half hours

Jade and Reno

Father and son duo keep the crowd entertained

Friday day 7 and our Ladies disc bowls team lost in a nail biter. Points were level at the end of the game, so a sudden death playoff saw us lose by one shot.


Friday night entertaiment is “The Baker Boys” at the Pontville Pink and Purple Party. Our little group did get with the theme a little bit, others went way over the top and everyone had a good time.

Pontville 9

Some of us had a bit of fun with some Halloween masks, not over the top, we did need to remember that were a lot of senior citizens in the audience and some may have “dicky tickers”.

Pontville 19 816 pixels

Saturday day 8 saw things starting to draw to an end. We went to the local bakery for lunch, with a trip to “MONA” filling in the afternoon.

Sue likes to get into the interactive displaysclick on the link for a short video

Sunday day 9 was to be our last as Dianne had to be home before Monday and I did need to go to work on Tuesday. We had a great time and would recommend to everyone to attend at least one big rally. Being in a small group certainly helped make the whole event a little less daunting. We met lots of interesting grey nomads all doing basically the same thing but all just that little bit different.


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