Melbourne to Lockhart

Day one of our 2017 trip to Queensland and things got off to a bad start to our holiday, we had a flat battery and the ute wouldn’t start. The battery was completely flat, the doors wouldn’t even unlock with the remote, apparently the automatic isolator hadn’t switched off. I should have turned the fridge off and disconnected the anderson plug from the ute to the fridge and there is always someone ready with a phone to take a photo.

Flat Battery on Spirit Melbourne 816 pixels

The local stevedores are well equipped for flat batteries and before long we were on our way

 Breakfast was at McDonalds, about 65km up the road from Port Melbourne. We caught up with Rod and Maureen Baker from Port Sorell. We had met them watching the football on the Spirits TV’s the night before. They had trouble finding their way onto the Westgate Bridge. A couple of laps around Port Melbourne and they were on their way.

Maccas on the Hume 2 816 pixels

Maccas at Wallan is a popular stopping point for breakfast for a lot of caravans off the Spirit

Broadford has a free weighbridge for self checking our weights. Authorities are making all grey nomads aware that they are about to start policing.

Broadford Weighbridge 3 816 Pixels

All axle groups are on a seperate weighbridge

Broadford Weighbridge 4 816 pixels

Weights with me not in ute

We are well stocked up with frozen food. While my total weight allowed is 5900kg, being within 60kg of my legal weight was pretty good. We can lighten up a little as we travel and if needed we will not fill the water tanks completely and both gas bottles will not always be full. Dianne will have to refrain from buying too much at all the markets she plans on visiting and I’ll only be able to buy beer by the six pack once the slab in van is consumed.

Broadford Weighbridge 9 816 pixels

Weights with me sitting in ute, conclusion I only weigh 80kg

The sun was shining, as we made our way up the Hume Hwy before turning off at Chiltern. Lunch was at Howlong in NSW and it was only 12.15pm. A short drive and we were setup in the Lockhart Showground by mid afternoon. No facilities but a lovely spot.

Lockhart Showground 3 816 pixels

Lots of space but the toilets are locked, definitely only for the self contained

The Doris Golder Gallery is part of the local museum at the Tourist Information Centre. There is a collection of portraits of Australian indentities made entirely of wool. It is a shame that they won’t let you take photos in that section. We were so glad that we decided to spend some money in town in return for the free showground camping.

Lockhart Museum 2 816 pixels

A very tiny caravan

Lockhart Museum 3 816 pixels

The Double Thomas Splint was used on a local young girl who had a severe case of Polio. Thank heavens the Polio vaccine that we have today

Lockhart Museum 4 816 pixels

There is also a video interview with Ann-Maree McLeod that anyone who refuses to vacinate their children should watch


Lockhart Grader Cutout 816 pixels

Lots of art sculptures around town, like this one at the council depot.

Tommorow we plan to slow down and slowly make our way north looking for for warm weather.



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