I was up early, a slight frost, the fog was resonably thick so we delayed our departure to about 10.00am. What a glorious day, not too hot but just a delight to be on the road heading north. Four days from Melbourne and already we can see the difference from winter in Tassie although the nights are probably colder.

A quick stop to check out an old open cut mine at Peak Hill, mainly to just break up the drive and stretch the legs.

Peak Hill Mine 2 816 pixels

We arrived at a CMCA “Member Stop Over”, an area set aside by a fellow CMCA member on their property, on the outskirts of Dubbo and were all set up and ready for lunch by 12.30pm. It was very noticable how dry it is in Dubbo, hardly any green grass and a lots of dusty marks where there had been a bit of traffic.

We have driven through Dubbo many times but had never stopped. This time we just had to get a 2 day pass for the Dubbo Zoo. Driving around the 6km loop around the zoo, all you need to do is park up, get out and check out each section.


The first stop we observed hyenas getting fed, man talk about pack mentality, I am sure I wouldn’t want to step into their enclosure.

Dubbo Zoo 1 816 pixels

A little bit of luck is needed at times as the enclosures are quite large, sometimes the animals are towards the back, sometimes they blend in with their enviroment. The breeding programs seem to be working as there are a few juvenile animals running around with their mothers.

Dubbo Zoo 12 816 pixels

Dubbo Zoo 59 816 pixels

A two day pass is part of the admission, but there is an extra fee to go on a safari into an enclosure. We did enjoy the up close encounter from an open sided bus.

Dubbo Zoo 39 816 pixels

Dubbo Zoo 42 816 pixels

The giraffes have right of way and the bus must wait if they decide to cross in front of us.

You can even stay overnight, we didn’t choose this option but it would be an awesome experience trying to sleep with a lion or tiger roaring in the dead of night.

Dubbo Zoo 44 816 pixels

To finish off the afternoon we had a quick look around the Japanese Gardens. It was nice but nothing to rave about, although the water was full of some super sized goldfish (carp).

Dubbo Japanese Gardens 4 816 pixels

The carp averaged 300-400mm long, throw a few pebbles in the water and they think it is feed time.

We are heading to Binnaway tommorow, a fellow camper has recommended it to us. We will have to wait and see.


2 thoughts on “Dubbo

  1. We have finally got our Sunliner back, we are packing it up tomorrow, just cleaned out the fridge and had a good clean inside, it’s been a long month but back on our trip very soon. We are going to stop at Dubbo Zoo and try cycling around weather permitting. Can’t wait to get back out there

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