Heading for Bellata was delayed as we stopped for a coffee at the Royal Hotel in Binnaway, the site of the 1957 movie “The Shiralee”


We set up camp at the Bellata golf course after a leisurely 200km trip with a stop for some supplies in Coonabarabran and lunch in Narrabri, amongst some shady trees along the edge of the fairway, just far enough away from errant golf balls.

Bellata 4 816 pixels

Lots of travellers from Tasmania here for a night or two

A flat tyre on my push bike was a slight annoyance, pumped it up and went for a ride around town. After coming back a closer inspection showed there was two or three  spiky seedsfrom Bindi weed stuck in the tread. Removing one confirmed the worst, tyre went flat almost immeadiately.

Bellata 2 816 pixels

Bindi seeds had razor sharp spikes on them, made short work on the push bike tyres, probably need a new tube.

Saturday night at the golf club was spit roast night and a hearty meal was had by a heap of very friendly locals and about a dozen grey nomads who were made most welcome.

Queensland beckons for us tommorow


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