The highlight for today was we made it to Queensland, Dianne was that excited I had to do a complete lap around the roundabout so she could get a photo of the sign.

Goondiwindi 3 816 Pixels

Our first stop was a free camp called Redmond Park, a very tidy little area, just off the highway. You have to park on bitumen and are not allowed to park on the grass. There is absolutely no room to extend your slideout, not for us so we moved on the the Goondiwindi Showground, heaps of room, some shade, plenty of power outlets, not as many water outlets but a very nice flat area.

Goondiwindi 2 816 Pixels

People just park where they want to, but there is plenty of room for everyone

Army Cadets were camping on the other side of the showground . They had plenty of different activities going on and rows of small tents lined up for an overnight stay.

Goondiwindi 7 816 pixels

Climbing inside these oversized ballons, these army cadets would try and knock each other over. They were having fun and we had fun watching them from under our awning trying to knock the bejesus out of each other.

We were actually a little disappointed with Goondiwindi, it was Sunday and everything was closed, even the Tourist Information Centre, so was Coles. We are now only staying overnight. As soon as I get the bike puncture fixed we will be on our way to Nanango.

Goondiwindi 6 816 Pixels

The Victoria Hotel in the main street


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