Up early this morning and off to the local tyre service, 8 holes in my tube from Bindi spikes. The tube needs to be replaced. I track down the local sports store and purchased two tubes for ours bikes, one as a spare. Fueled up, puncture fixed, gas bottle filled and ready to leave about 10.30am, we are now off to Nanango reasonably early.

Our trip today was almost 340km, normally only a 4 hour drive but the road surface was horrendous for 80% of the trip. We were down to 65km/h for several sections. The road was all sealed bitumen but it was just very uneven and travelling at speed was not safe. There was even a large sign that highlighted the fact that eight caravans had come to grief in the last five years, shame I didn’t get a photo of it. Just when you thought the road was starting improve, you would be on the brakes slowing down. Lots of flood plains across the Darling Downs, the soil must just move under the road surface when it is wet and waterlogged. Lots of gas wells could be seen in an area before we made Dalby. We only stopped for a quick lunch in Dalby and back on the road again, it was slow going.  It wasn’t until we were off the plains and into some hilly country near Yarraman that the road surface improved.

We finally arrived in Nanango around 3.30pm and setup for the night behind the RSL Club. The lower section of their carpark and a grassy area to one side are set aside for self contained campers. An old railway platform marks the edge of a large parkland. We went for a short bike ride around the area. I then scouted about for the best servo to fill up with diesel in the morning. It was a beautiful evening but we do expect the temperature to drop overnight, talking to a local he said that they had recently had the temperature drop to -10°C overnight. Being 442m above sea level, one can understand why.

Nanango 4 816 Pixels

Nanango would be a great place to spend a day or two or just a place to stop overnight on the inland route to coastal far north Queensland

Nanango 5 816 Pixels

The lower part of the car park and some of the grassed area is available for fully self contained campers

We are headed for Maryborough tommorrow if things go to plan, we will see what morning brings.


2 thoughts on “Nanango

  1. Know exactly how you feel about the road. Chrissy and I did the same trip last year. I was like you, just get going and then have to slow down quickly. Very poor roads. Am enjoying your travels. We are at home this winter but away next year. Regards Steve.

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