Hervey Bay

Dianne has a yearly get together with a former workmate at Hervey Bay. This year we were planning 3 days at the Fraser Lodge caravan park. The site they had set aside for us was no good, another site was only available for two days, but it was next to the jumping castle. A bit of noise from kids having fun was no problem as it was mainly only in daylight hours.

Hervey Bay 2 816 Pixels

Great spot except for the jumping castle next to us

The park was very well located only a block and a half from the waterfront. We were both very happy with the location even though it was school holiday time. Flat walking and bike paths in both directions made for plenty of exploring, very good for the waistline if it wasn’t for the coffee shops and ice cream palours along the route.

Hervey Bay 1 816 Pixels

A bike ride and an icecream and awesome weather make for a fabulous day

We did catch up with Judy and Kerry, formerly from Penguin, Tasmania and we enjoyed a great meal and a few drinks. It was a shame we only had a couple of days to catch up, but we will be back next year.

Hervey Bay 5 816 Pixels

Hervey Bay 7 816 Pixels

Sadly we compete for any beach front caravan park with families on school holidays. I have my holidays the same time each year and it is the same time as Queensland and New South Wales school holidays. We do prefer to stay away from crowded locations, although a few days at some beachfront locations is a must when Tamanians come to Queensland to get away from our winter.

Anyway we are off to Gin Gin tommorrow.


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