Gin Gin

Only two days at Hervey Bay as the original site was not suitable and the replacement site was only available for two nights. We are now staying for two nights at the Gin Gin Showground, a charming little town on the Bruce Highway. We met up with fellow Tasmanians Peter and Veronica Rowbottom. We were mainly just relaxing although we did help a fellow 5th wheeler owner set up his satellite dish. It did fill in a little time and we made some new friends.

Satellite TV

The blind leading the blind. Setting up a satellite dish for the first time is always a little daunting, especially when you haven’t had it registered when it was purchased.

We did enjoy a drive to Mount Perry to fill in an afternoon, we checked out some old mine site ruins, some good views and a visit to the Boolboonda Tunnel, an old 190m disused railway tunnel did provide something to fill the time in. We actually drove through and three of us walked back while Peter drove back through and walked back in to meet us.

Boolboonda Tunnel 10 816 pixels

Boolboonda Tunnel 11 816 pixels

The tunnel is also home to a colony of bats. Dianne and Veronica did make a mad dash for the entrance when the bats were disturbed by a flashlight.

Boolboonda Tunnel 8 816 Pixels

Dianne and Veronica didn’t go much on the bats flying around them and they hightailed it out of the tunnel

Mount Perry 4 816 Pixels

A lookout overlooking Mount Perry

Gin Gin has a lot of passing grey nomad traffic, lots of parking, a free camp just down the road, camping in the showground and is well worth a stopover for a day or two.

We are off to Bargara tommorow. Gin Gin and Bagara is as far north as we are venturing this year and from here we are starting to head south again, although quite slowly for another two weeks as we soak up the glorious weather.


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