We  only need to travel just over 60km to Bargara today. We passed through Bundaberg and the sugar harvest is in full swing.

Sugar Train 2 816 Pixels

Sugar cane harvesting in full swing. A small sugar train transporting the harvest to the local sugar mill.

Bagara 1 816 pixels

Lots of cycle and walkin tracks and you can even tone up your body as well. On holidays and plenty of good living, the body does need a little bit of help occasionally.

Fine weather and the temperature well above what Tasmania is experiencing at the moment and I just had to go for a swim, after a bike ride along the foreshore bike track. One local thought I was mad, he had jeans and a flannelette shirt on though and it was almost 30°C. It was quite pleasant actually, but I couldn’t get Dianne to join me.

Lots of nice tow vehicles and 5th wheelers can always be found if you wander around most caravan parks.

On our last day at Bargara, we went for a drive to Burnett Heads, only a ten minute drive, we came across the HMAS Tobruk, being decommissioned before it becomes an artificial reef.

Bargara 22 816 Pixels

We also checked out the Hummock Lookout, an extinct volcano plug, giving almost 360° views. Bundaberg was almost covered with smoke from sugar cane burnoffs. The views were quite extensive and I would thoroughly recommend it if you venture into the area.

Bargara 30 816 Pixels

Just part of the extensive view of the area

As a added treat the lookout also looked into the backyard of a three level house made out of 40ft shipping containers.

Bargara 25 816 Pixels

A very impressive structure indeed, some ingenious design work has been used on an uneven block of land, with million dollar views to boot,

Bargara 33 816 Pixels

Tommorrow we are heading for either Maryborough or Tiaro, we will decide as we drive. This is one of the advantages of having no set agenda.


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