A relatively short drive today to Tiaro, only an hour and a half. We were prepared for a small area to park today, but Tiaro has three free camps, one should suit. We arrived just before lunch. The best site out of the sites left was the hardest to get into, but we were early and only two or three other vans on site. Lots of spectators waiting for me to get knotted up, a little bit of jiggling, a bit more to and froing. All I have to do now is get out.

Tiaro 2 816 Pixels

We did check out the other two free camp, one by the Mary River and one opposite a pub. We chose the best one but none of them are really suited to big vans. A lot of vans called in but chose not to stay.

Tiaro 6 816 Pixels

Starting to fill up, 13 vans here before dark. 2 or 3 more whiz bangers came in after dark

Tiaro 4 816 Pixels

A mid sized bus towing a 4wd and boat on a trailer called in for lunch, then headed off on their way.  It is always great to see how people choose tour Australia, lots of options out there.

Tiaro 1 816 Pixels

Slow day at Tiaro, even for this Turtle.

We had a quick look around Tiaro, nothing much of real interest but you have to stop and see, if only to say you didn’t just drive through. A good place to stop over for the night, especially if you have a smaller caravan or a motorhome unless you get in real early.

Another short day tommorow on the road, we should be in Eumundi before lunch, ready for the market on Saturday.


2 thoughts on “Tiaro

  1. We are thoroughly enjoying your journey up and through to Qld. We will be making our way up there next year. Your journey has given us lots of inspiration and ideas about where to stay/visit. Safe and happy travels.

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  2. Glad you are enjoying our travels, I am trying to keep the blog up to date as we travel, I will add some fine tuning and extras once I get home. It is a juggling act of not using up all my internet data and keeping track of where we have been. We always try to stay either somewhere new or go to site that we both enjoy. Sometimes we make the wrong decision, but that is half the fun. It is all about being somewhere warmer than Tasmania for at least 6 weeks of winter


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