Eumundi Market

We woke to overcast skies this morning, a bit of fog about but its 17°C at 7.30am. We are on the road around 9.30am. We arrive at Eumundi after driving in drizzle all the way. We get a great spot plenty of room or so we thought.

Eumundi 2 816 Pixels

Too easy, set up right next to the showers and toilets, all done before the rain set in.

We get set up, have lunch, the rain is getting heavier, all great and then the caretaker says its market day tommorrow and we are taking up too much room. We wait for rain to ease, move back as far as we can, unhook and park as close to van as possible. We just become close friends with the van beside us, we can only get the awning half out

Eumundi 4 816 Pixels

All nice and cosy, making room for tommorrows market.

Eumundi 5 816 Pixels

All good, electrical cord up out of the water, the water soon drained away.

The rain finally stops and we can walk to the local pub for a great feed.

Eumundi 6 816 Pixels

Great feed within walking distance of the camping area.

Dianne is in her element with an early start at the market, she can’t wait for me. Being camped up near the market does have its benefits, Dianne can shop to her hearts content, I can go for a quick look, head back to the van mostly with enough Christmas and birthday presents to last a couple of years, go back for lunch.

Dianne had a great day, I found something that may be the next big thing for grey nomads. Reversible undies, never looked too hard but looks like you turn them inside out and get two days from the one pair of undies, You might even get four days if you wear them back to front out as well. They will be fantastic if you are strapped for room in your van.

Eumundi 8 816 Pixels

It doesn’t take much to keep me amused.

The market finished around 2.00pm and we had a visit from Keith and Rose, fellow 5th wheelers who we had caught up with in Tasmania earlier in the year. They had been reading my blog and saw we were going to the Eumundi Market. They live nearby and decided to call in.

Eumundi 12 816 Pixels

It is always good to meet up fellow Grey Nomads that we have met elsewhere in our travels.

We are off to Beerburrum tommorrow, where we will meet up with Peter and Veronica once again, before heading to Caloundra on Monday as school holidays for Queensland will of finished and vacancies have started to open up.


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